T.A.A.P – Teen to Adult Abuse Programme 

This programme has been developed to address the violent and abusive behaviours by young people towards their parents/carers or other family members. This is an issue which is increasing in prevalence and mothers tend to be the victim of this type of behaviour in the majority of cases. This type of domestic abuse is just as hidden as other forms as parents/carers are often embarrassed to admit they are victims of their own children’s behaviour and as such do not access the appropriate support to resolve the issues. 
TAAP adopts a cognitive behavioural approach to help young people stop using violent and abusive behaviour in favour of non-violent and respectful ways of communicating and resolving conflict within the family. The programme is designed to be used one to one with perpetrators and offers the appropriate level of support to victims via the use of restorative justice processes. The restorative justice sessions are used to introduce the programme requirements, develop appropriate safety strategies to minimise and de-escalate conflict within the family home and conferencing to include all affected family members. 
'Supporting & Strengthening Families' 

By engaging and completing this programme, perpetrators will gain the following learning outcomes: 

Be accountable for their behaviour (no minimisations, denials or justifications) 
Understand the impact their behaviour has on others as well as themselves 
Know how to actively take responsibility for their own behaviour 
Control their emotions and put into action strategies to de-escalate conflict. 
Distinguish between abusive and respectful communication 
Be able to resolve conflict without abuse or violence 
Understand that they have choices about their behaviour and are able to choose to be non-violent. 
IPositive Roots Consultancy Ltd offers a safe and confidential service to our clients. We are accepting self-referrals from parents/carers as well as from statutory and non-statutory agencies working with children and families. Please click on the link HERE to complete your referral and email the form over to admin@positiverootsconsultancy.co.uk. 
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